You do your banking online, on your schedule. You pay your bills online, at your convenience. You book your airline, hotel and rental cars online. Why should your relationship with your lawyer revolve around a 9:00 to 5:00 schedule at your lawyer's brick and mortar office? At the turn of the last century, the primary means of communication were mail, newspapers, and for really important things, the telegraph. Times have changed. We now receive news in a matter of seconds, not days. Our primary means of communication are now television, wireless phones, twitter, text messages, email, and the internet. Yet, the practice of law is largely conducted the same way that it was at the turn of the last century. People are required to make appointments and go into lawyers' offices to conduct their business, and the lawyer is compensated based on the ancient formula of time spent multiplied by the lawyer's hourly rate - a formula that rewards the lawyer for stretching out the time a matter takes to conclude. There was a time when you only had two choices to get your legal forms in Mississippi: (1) - retain a full-service lawyer and pay considerable, up-front costs and high and unpredictable hourly fees, or (2) - purchase forms from a non-lawyer document preparation or legal forms company like legal zoom, and pray that you are doing the right thing. Now there is a third way. The Online Law Division of Morton Law Firm, Mississippi's First Virtual Online Law Firm, uses the best components from the above two choices to provide you cost-effective and efficient, limited legal services provided by real Mississippi lawyers. "Limited Legal Services" means we provide you only a limited scope of legal services as requested and purchased by you. Our relationship with you will not exceed the limited scope of the work we agree to perform on your behalf. You get the work product, and only the work product, that you select, and that is all that you pay for - no surprises. You probably conduct much of your other business online, when is is most convenient to you (not your lawyer). Why should your legal business be any different? Now you have a choice. Mississippi legal documents prepared by a Mississippi lawyer, on your schedule, at a predictable and affordable cost. It is a choice whose time has come!